Shoppers are being warned not to buy cheap and potentially unsafe electrical goods.

Leicester City Council’s trading standards team is urging shoppers to beware that some Christmas lights, electrical gifts and their power adaptors may not meet the relevant safety standards.

Trading standards have previously removed from sale poor-quality colour-changing decorative lights, which displayed the European safety standard CE mark but clearly were not compliant. People have been told to pay particular attention to cheap electrical appliances, which can be flimsy, badly made or possibly even dangerous fakes.

Some items manufactured abroad may also not meet UK safety standards. Trading standards seized a number of fake chargers for iPhones, which were made in China and found to be unsafe and likely to cause electrocution, fire or destroy the equipment being charged.

Leicester City Council’s head of trading standards, Ron Ruddock, said: “It’s very important that people know what to look for when buying electrical goods such as Christmas lights or inexpensive gifts, as some can be very poorly made and unsafe to use”.

Shoppers are told to be on the lookout for poor-quality construction, components which have live parts that can easily be accessed, incorrect plugs, thin non-insulated wiring and incorrectly rated fuses which offer little or no protection in the event of an electrical fault.



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